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Scaffold Construction Consult & Controlling from Cologne draws on decades of experience in various areas. This includes industrial, chemical or production facilities of any sector to the same extent. Benefit from our core competencies not only in the field of construction sites – we are also at your disposal for the commissioning and the takeover of existing projects. We can point to many successes in refinery and power plant projects. Furthermore, increasing the efficiency of running production facilities is easy for us. The industry and the size of the company are of course irrelevant here – we take every concern to heart and always give you 100 percent of our time and manpower. In addition, the regular support of small businesses according to DGUV is not a foreign word for us.


The origin of Scaffold Construction & Controlling lies in scaffolding. This fact completes our competencies and has an advantageous effect on any project. Thanks to this experience, our qualified employees are at your side with safety-related knowledge and tips. Occupational safety and fire protection clearly take first place with us. That is why we offer professional supervision not only of third-party scaffolding, but of all work – without any restrictions.

  • Expert for testing personal protective equipment against falls according to BGG 906
  • Testing of tethers, lanyards, tethers, mobile belay devices, restraint systems, energy absorbers, helmets, etc.
  • Identification, documentation, organization, annual reminder, inspection books, inspection lists, etc.

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  • +49 173 4781860